An Unnatural History

Singapore Art Museum

How we peeled back Singapore’s history

‘An Unnatural History’ explores the struggle between man and nature within the heart of Singapore, the world’s greenest city. Working together with Lee Xin Li, this 40-metre site-specific mural covers the construction hoarding outside the Singapore Art Museum as it undergoes redevelopment. It showcases our varied interests in architecture, culture and nature, inviting viewers to be both curious and critical as they discover the narratives we have created and re-told through this illustration.

We especially loved how it brought people with varying interests together —whether history buffs, nature lovers or art appreciators! It’s an honour to add our layer of history to this site and it was a joy to catch students filming music videos against it or even a couple who had a wedding photoshoot there! We hope this starts a conversation, inviting visitors to consider the role they play regarding our cultural and natural heritage and encourage them to learn more about this side of Singapore