Marvellous Mammals: A Wild A-Z of Southeast Asia

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How we made the alphabet wild!

Where would you start if you need to pick just 26 mammals to represent Southeast Asia, one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet?

I worked with Debby Ng on Marvellous Mammals which celebrates the unique wildlife from this part of the world. It’s such a pity that we’re more familiar with badgers and foxes from the storybooks of our childhood but know so little about our wild neighbours.

The book features 26 mammals covering a diversity of families found in a range of habitats all around Southeast Asia. We hope that you’ll share our wonder as you learn about these animals as well as be inspired to do your part for nature.

Marvellous Mammals was officially launched at The Art House during Singapore Writers Fest 2021 and we had a wonderful display at Books Kinokuniya too!

We’ve also run a series of talks and workshops with NLB, Words Go Round and other organisations — do get in touch if you’d like to engage us!